10. 2. 2014




The Wolfpack Society invites you to this special private event. A launching press event to get the feel of who & what ‘The Wolfpack Society’ stands for. Collabs with impressive brands to showcase their latest products.  

On this day, we will launch our exclusive handmade WP X Flybird ‘ON TOUR’ backpack! The ‘On Tour’ backpack will become a member of your pack. You’ll be thinking about your next legendary trip or just reminisce about those great moments and some epic stories that happened along the way and will remain just between you, your friends and the backpack…

‘When a pack comes together, sky’s the limit...!’

Special treats:

The best & latest beats played by Dirty Minutes. Good vibes, delicious cocos & cocktail drinks, finger lickin' bits & bites, fabulous people, great informal networking with influencers and selective relevant press & media.


When: Friday, 21st of February 2014

Starts at: 19.30 - 22.30 (only selective invites, press & media)

From: 23.00 onwards we celebrate with a club night at Abe

Where: ABE Club & Lounge in Amsterdam, thé new hotspot to be. Amstelstraat 30, 1017 DA Amsterdam


// 50 selected guests will get ‘The Wolfpack Society’ canvas goodie-bag filled with wolfpack society essentials.

----- IMPORTANT-----






‘See you all on Friday the 21st of February & be part of the wolfpack society’

29. 1. 2014


Cavemen x Ontfront - Editorial - Serene Solitude from Cavemen on Vimeo.

Spring and Summer’s warm embrace weakened and our forests settled their roots in preparation of the coming slumber; we Cavemen prepared for yet another seasonal shift. With milder temperatures and darker skies; our plains heralded the approach of Autumn and Winter. In these frigid times we Cavemen are once again forced to adapt in appearance.

In this season we Cavemen wield the timelessness of a tailored garment mixed with street trends like a regal set of armor. Preferably french; our sturdy blue workwear vests combined with a rainproof trench coat keep both Autumn’s and Winter’s treacherous touch at a distance. Our selvedge denim trousers are no longer slim-fit but now have a wider cut showing about our working prowess. And yes, our beards; rugged, shaggy and as strong as the bristles of a steel brush, complement and refine our attire.

Yet, spring is coming, and our wandering footsteps confidently sway across our plains. The preparation for another season is complete and the frostbite is kept at bay. Although unmoved in our hulking steps, we Cavemen wander cautiously. For father Winter still lurks beside our path, like a death sentence unperformed.


18. 10. 2013


Flybird Proudly Presents Kuro Ni Kuro Fall/winter 2013 Collection. Kuro Ni Kuro Translates Into Black On Black In Japanese Where Flybird Found It’s Inspiration. Japan Has Always Been A Country That Celebrated Culture, Creativity And Craftsmanship To Their Fullest Extent. In The Last Decade We’ve Seen How Traditional Japanese Black On Black Garments Has Exploded Into The Mainstream Scene Under The Reins Of Designers, Stylists, Hipsters And Celebrities. 
Inspired By These Influences Flybird Crafted The Black On Black Series Of Luggage With A Unique Mixture Of Raw Canvas And Smooth Black Leather. The Collection Consists Of Familiar Designs Of Flybird Including The City Traveler, Duffle Bag And The Kuro Ni Kuro Backpack Finished With High End Crocodile Leather Perfect For Urban Commuters On The Go. Our New Collection Will Be Available In November At Selected Retailers And Through Our Flybird Webshop.

6. 8. 2013




This Autumn/Winter VICO continues with its journey into Scandinavia. Inspired by Scandinavian functionalism, cleanliness, sophisticated design and their beautiful natural environment. VICO travelled to the South of Sweden and passed by Mölle in Sweden wheere they found a beautiful environment. Those places where independent minds go to feel the freedom of nature, surrounded by water and rocks and call it their ‘weekend escape’.

Shot&Cut by Joost Konings (jkonings.com)
Directed by Noël Deelen (venour.com)


13. 7. 2013


3. 7. 2013


The incredible story of a mysterious nanny who died in 2009 leaving behind a secret hoard - thousands of stunning photographs. Never seen in her lifetime, they were found by chance in a Chicago storage locker and auctioned off cheaply.

Now Vivian Maier has gone viral and her magical pictures sell for thousands of dollars. Vivian was a tough street photographer, a secret poet of suburbia. In life she was a recluse, a hoarder, spinning tall tales about her French roots. Presented by Alan Yentob, the film includes stories from those who knew her and those who revealed her astonishing work.

Source: bbc

18. 6. 2013


I was watching a program on tv and they where talking about a organisation called war or want.

I found it very interesting that we people still wearing these clothing and actually we close our eyes for it.

I Stand for designers that produce theirself or produce at a good factory where people are not used as machine's


Follow this organisation for more info

31. 5. 2013


British Gentleman and Blogger Karlmon aka Mr. Boy recently collaborated with photographer Sam Travis to shoot this series of great photos . You can see more of their series on his Blog http://mrboystyle.tumblr.com/post/51573037890/collaboration-outfit-feature-mr-boy-x-sam-travis


1. 5. 2013

Spring Collection

 Over the past few days Flybird creator Franky Boateng has released a series of visuals from his new Spring Collection. A line where Franky played with his curent pieces. A creative splurge lead to new must have to compliment your attire this season. The mini-bag for the summer festvals. A Flybird traveller to store all your neccesities for that beach day you've been longing for all winter. 
It is coming, have your Flybird ready..

4. 4. 2013

Preview Spring/Summer 2013

An add to the Ambassadors of Life collection will be released within the next...... Franky Boateng recently shot a new lookbook. You will see the wellknown and familiar Duffel Bags and City Travelers in new colour schemes and materials. Different styles and ways to compliment the piece with your attire will be made visual through pictures. This shoot also inspired Franky to design a new backpack named Flybird Revolver. Crafted around the essentials of the Smith & Wesson this piece will be launched as soon as possible. 

Enjoy the visuals. www.flybird.nl

6. 3. 2013

A destiny that lies in Greatness..


Dreaming about that step. Waiting an eternity for that one chance to jump on that wheel of fortune and grab a hold of something great. Having your life revolved around the one thing that will change your life forever. A constant battle between security and flying. Continuous reminders and signs that Greatness is the final destination on your path of life. Losing all that is certain in life and trading it for something that could be gone with the wind in a second. And then u do it, you run, jump and take a leap of faith. Waiting for the crash but closing your eyes and letting positivity guide your successful flight. Envisioning a soft and heavenly landing in the clouds.

All it takes to fly is a jump…

5. 3. 2013

Customer appreciation



We are working on new color schemes for the Ambassador of Life collection. In between designing Franky Boateng also took the time to add new one of a kind Flybird pieces and sealed some new collaboration deals.

The opinion of our customers is highly valued. Therefore we would like to ask you to extend your thoughts on your Flybird piece our way. Send everything you would like us to know about your bag to info@Flybird.nl


6. 2. 2013

Smith and Wesson

Smith and Wesson

“The bag is the weapon, the mini-bag the bullet. One is not complete without the other..”

In 1852 partners Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson formed a company to produce a lever-action pistol nicknamed the Volcanic Pistol. The pistol was named Volcanic due to the high continuous shots that could be fired from ongoing trigger pulls. The innovative design of the exclusive weapon led to a massive run on the pistol and even resulted into a gold medal at the Baltimore Weapon Exposition.

Flybird designer Franky Boateng was inspired by Smith & Wesson for a line that has been a success from the first edition in 2011 till the 2013 Ambassadors of Life piece. Franky was truly intrigued how Smith & Wesson designed a weapon that was a divine masterpiece. Not only for the design but the innovative function of the weapon.

Flybird’s Smith & Wesson is not designed for a weapon, but is built from the same principals as used by the Smith & Wesson partners. Careful thought and precision went into the fabrication process of this handmade Flybird piece. All the details on the bag have a unique function to it. Together with the mini-bag, the Flybird Smith & Wesson is similar to a loaded gun. Sharp shot to kill…

The new collection will hold a variety of color combinations which can be purchased via www.flybird.nl.  


21. 1. 2013

Onfront @Modefabriek

One of Flybird's biggest retailers is menswear store Ontfront. They have several Flybird pieces incorporated in their new promotion material. Therefor Ontfront invited Flybird to join them for this years Modefabriek on the 20th and 21st of january. Make sure u visit us for a chat with Franky Boateng.



13. 1. 2013

Capsule Berlin

Last year was a productive one for Flybird as well as Filling Pieces. Our first joined venture resulted in the highly anticipated 'Collabo Pack'. Due to the success of the collaboration Filling Pieces invited Flybird to the upcoming Capsule that will be held in Berlin from the 15th till the 16th of january. A guarenteed creative splurge will be the result of this invitation.

2. 1. 2013

What to wear in 2013 according to OntFront

As seasons shift year-round, men’s style changes and newer styles develop. Introducing their new looks for 2013; Amsterdam’s OntFront Store created a photographic series in which a generation of men pushes the revival of classic styles and represent the OntFront creed: “Tailored and Streetwise”. As Dutch actor Sergio Hasselbaink and Mike Verhagen pay their respect to Amsterdam’s long cultural history; they radiate “dapperness” in OntFront’s newly designed attire.

The series mainly contains of the newest garments within OntFront’s clothing line. Fabrics of the current collection are classic tweed, wool, jersey, velour, cotton and leather. All garments are crafted with care and created in limited numbers of 150 pieces per style. Details in the overall looks are completed by adding other brands that are available at the OntFront store:  Bailey, Pasotti Ombrelli, Knits & Knotts, Brixton, Retrosuperfuture, Amsterdam shoe co, L’ecole National, NUNC & Flybird. By creating this series, the collective behind the OntFront clothing line proudly display their vision in modern-day menswear.

Text by Safi Graauw (Cavemen)
Pictures by Dim Balsem, taken in the Haarlemmerbuurt, Amsterdam.

16. 12. 2012

These Cavemen Video

These Cavemen In collaboration with the OntFront Store and tributary brands Flybird, L’ecole and Baileyhats, we Cavemen hereby introduce our latest film.

We, who wander...

Dapper footsteps In the soil
These Cavemen, who wander Life’s coil.
Brotherhood and Kinship is what we seek...

Down to earth and dapperly dressed as we speak.
Bearded men, roaming Day and Night,
Unnoticed and silent, like the great Owl’s flight.
We who wander... Kings to be crowned,
And in solitude... Brotherhood is found.

- The Cavemen

Video & Editing: Christiaan Grammer
Styling: Romy van Jaarsveld
Models: Safi Graauw, Berislav Viskovic, Francis Yiadom Jr., Quincy Brondenstein

Clothing by: Ontfront, Flybird, Bailey Hats and L'ecole.


30. 11. 2012

Ambassador of life

“Ambassador of life collection 2012 ”

 An ambassador of life is willing to make sacrifices and give everything in order to reach goals. No time shall be wasted on over thinking decisions. We choose and learn from the mistakes, if ever they are made. We travel to explore the depths within our soul. An ambassador of life is in total control of his or her own mind.

We take care of those who are in need and make sure we give richly as so we will abundantly blessed in return.


7. 11. 2012

“Ambassador of life collection 2012 ”

“Ambassador of life collection 2012 ”

We fear nothing but believe that every time we take a leap of faith and jump, we will fly. Living and loving out loud with the knowledge that positivity is always key. We trust our senses and let positivity guide us through life.

31. 10. 2012

Fall 2012 Collection

The time has finally come..
The new fall Flybird collection will be available in selected stores starting next week.

On the 20th of october we shot a new campaign for the Flybird lookbook. All the new pieces will be featured in the lookbook as well as our website www.flybird.nl.
Keep an eye on our website to be informed about the release and store purchase information.

28. 9. 2012

Flybird live session at Ontfront A'dam

This upcoming saturday Franky Boateng will be doing another live session at Amsterdam based menswear store OntFront. See how an original Flybird bag is being produced from scratch. By visiting the store you can witness this unique process. We hope to welcome you on saturday.

2. 8. 2012

Marije de Haan x Flybird

During the last Amsterdam Fashion Week, Marije de Haan showcased her new line inspired by late 19th century sailors.  Covered in tattoos the male models walked down the runway with distinct accessories by Flybird. Handcrafted bottle holders made from the finest leather. Read the backstage report on the fashion show to see how the Flybird exclusive bottle holders were merged into Marije de Haan her new collection.

11. 7. 2012

Marije De Haan X Flybird Fashion Week Amsterdam

Today marks the start of a brand new fashion splurged week in Amsterdam.
Marije de Haan; a The Hague based menswear designer, is selected to present her third collection at the AIFW 2012. Her work comes from a fascination with the fringes of society, the unsavory, criminal. She has won the G-Star Raw Talent Award and was awarded with the Haagse Toptalent scholarship to start her own label.
In 2011 we discovered that MDH and Flybird shared the same uncommon creative style  fascination. Her request for an out of the box backpack leaded solely to Flybird design pieces that sparked her fashion senses.
The result of our third AIFW encounter will be showcased on saturday the 14th of july at the Salon during Marije de Haan her collection presentation. We are thrilled to announce that all the MDH models will be styled with Flybird bags and accessories. Visitors of the fashion show will be able to feast their eyes on exclusive Flybird pieces of our new collection.
Visit http://aifw.nl/ for the entire Amsterdam Fashion Week 2012 schedule

11. 7. 2012

City Traveller

Travelling;  " passage from one place to another "

Everyday when stepping out of your place of residence a new journey begins.

The Flybird City Traveller is specifically designed to provide you with the service of carrying that extra necessity for your journey from one destination to another. 
The spacious unisex has leather straps on the side that offer room for your sketches, daily newspaper, favourite magazine, travelling rug for a nice picknick or everything else that u wish to bring on your trip. 

The 'Flybird City Traveller' is available for purchase in four various colours at the Creative Warehouse Hoop in The Hague and the 'All inclusive store for men' named Lokal Heroz in Rotterdam. 
Visit our website www.Flybird.nl for the store contact information.

4. 7. 2012

The Bread & Butter tradeshow

The Bread & Butter tradeshow for selected brands will take place in Berlin this upcoming weekend. Filling Pieces, a footwear label that bridges the gap between Haute Couture and Street couture, invited Flybird for an exclusive presentation of our joined labor unity. A unity that creates the abillity to match your Filing Pieces shoewear with an Flybird backpack.The Filling Pieces x Flybird backpack will be limited available for puchase starting from july.

The Flybird guest appearance during the BBB enables us to give the visitors a sneak peek of this new addition to our collection. Only the BBB visitors will have the privilege of this highly anticipated preview.We are looking forward to welcome you on the 4th, 5th or 6th of july in Berlin.



Tags: Bread & Butter, Filling Pieces, Flybird bags, Flybird Design.

4. 7. 2012

L'ecole National x Flybird Design instore event

On the 24th of may 2012 L'ecole National organized a instore event with Flybird Design in the flagshipstore of L'ecole National in Rotterdam - Holland. The designer Franky Boateng made a bag live and the visitors could see the new collection of L'ecole National.


Tags: Flybird Design, L'ecole National, Instore event, making a bag live.

3. 5. 2012

Marin Authentique Flybird x Guy Vernes on Hypebeast


Order this bag at www.guyvernes.com

- Made of cowhide and cotton canvas
- Measures: 38 x 44 cm (15 x 17 inch)
- Magnet clipped front envelope pocket
- Fully handmade in Flybird atelier in the Hague

19. 4. 2012

making of the Flybird city traveler bag.


11. 4. 2012

Papa Ghana - I Am African

Papa Ghana - I Am An African

Music video by Papa Ghana performing I Am An African.(2012)
'I Am An African' is the first single of Papa Ghana's EP 'I Am An African'.


21. 2. 2012

Flybird Limited Bowtie's

Exclusive flybird bowtie's

If you are interested  mail us at info@flybird.nl

13. 2. 2012

Fashion Week 2012 Marije de Haan x Flybird

During the Fashion Week 2012 in Amsterdam, the young designer Marije
de Haan showed her collection. The winter ‘12/’13 collection was
inspired by the bandit ‘Black Bart’ and old police photos. Marije de
Haan used several fabrics for the collection: denim, leather, wool and
felt. The bags were made in association with Frankie Boateng
(Flybird). These leather bags were designed to transfer blankets.

8. 1. 2012

Voler L'oiseau Bag

Voler L’oiseau Bag by Flybird from flybird on Vimeo.

The Voler L'oiseau handbag is a necessity for every woman. A bag that is designed with an active lifestyle in mind. Voler L'oiseau is practical and versatile but also classy and chic.

It is a firm leather handbag designed especially for women. It’s functional and has enough room to carry all those little things a woman needs.
There are different varieties of the Voler L’oiseau for each new season.

There's a Flybird bag for a woman of every age and every lifestyle.



16. 11. 2011

Click-on Mini bag

One of Flybird’s new items in his new collection is this unique and modern Click-on mini bag.
It’s the perfect mini bag to keep your small items safe…it can carry your cell phone, keys, camera, money…practically any essential item.
this product is inspired by holsters.

Price: €45,-

If you want to order this bag email sales@flybird.nl