29. 11. 2014


Dutch leather goods brand Flybird, proudly presents its Winter ’14/’15 collection: 


The bags are formed by the Flybird icons: the Magnum, the Messenger and 
the Smith & Wesson. The Magnum and Smith & Wesson are made with thick nubuck 
leather that has been sanded down and greased in the tannery. This makes the 
leather water resistant. The Messenger is a combination of water resistant canvas 
and, especially for this edition we used buffalo leather. These bags are handcrafted  in the Flybird atelier based in Amsterdam. Black Winter photographed by J.A. Flu and will be
available at 1 December  at the Flybird webshop.

21. 9. 2014


The OntFront Travel Pack


Fewer possessions equal more freedom. OntFront has created a travel pack with core essentials for gentlemen with a passion for style and traveling.


Dutch menswear brand OntFront unveils their new and extra light travel Pack right in time for the fall. The OntFront travel pack contains a durable white crew neck T-shirt, a square collar white dress shirt and a 15 Oz Japanese selvage denim dress pants. The pack also contains a travel map printed cotton bow tie and pocket square to tweak an outfit for any occasion. And last but not least, the travel pack features a collaborative limited edition backpack between OntFront and leather goods designer Flybird. This roll up backpack is handcrafted in Amsterdam. The backpack is made of a green water repellent waxed canvas and authentic brown full grain cow leather.

The OntFront travel pack will be sold exclusively in the OntFront store in Amsterdam (and webstore), starting Monday September 15th 2014.


‘If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light.’



OntFront store: Haarlemmerdijk 121, Amsterdam

Photography: Marnix Postma @ HMS Amsterdam

Model:  Berislav Viskovic (Bear)

More info: www.ontfront.com & www.flybird.nl

Or contact info@ontfront.com

21. 8. 2014


The creation of fine products is true art from OntFront on Vimeo.


Flybird and Menswear label OntFront believe that the creation of fine products is true art. They've commissioned the artist Femi Dawkins to work on a pair of OntFront boots and a Flybird bag. This video was made during the Dutch trade show Modefabriek on the HTNK story store.

Camera: Franky Boateng

7. 7. 2014


Continuing our season of all new Flybird premium leather goods releases, we proudly present our Shiro Backpack. A new limited white edition from our Kuro ni Kuro line. Inspired by the influences of our handcrafted crafted flagship backpack, this white edition showcases with a unique mixture of all white leather finished with crocodile printed detailing.

With black interior lining the Shiro  accentuates contrast between the exterior and interior of the BackPack. The Kuro ni Kuro Black and the Shiro white edition will be available in limited edition at selected retailers and via the Flybird online shop as off the 10th of July.

10. 6. 2014



SPRMRKT Shopping night
Our friends at SPRMRKT are launching their new store next door on the Rozengracht 191 and will be celebrating with a one of a kind shopping night.
To celebrate this event with SPRMRKT Flybird will present the newest addition to the Kuro ni Kuro collection with our new Kuro White edition BackPack as well with our new Minibags and Bowties.
Come and join the celebration on the 12 of June
Drinks are on jameson and Warsteiner
Time: 18:00 - 23:00

29. 1. 2014


Cavemen x Ontfront - Editorial - Serene Solitude from Cavemen on Vimeo.

Spring and Summer’s warm embrace weakened and our forests settled their roots in preparation of the coming slumber; we Cavemen prepared for yet another seasonal shift. With milder temperatures and darker skies; our plains heralded the approach of Autumn and Winter. In these frigid times we Cavemen are once again forced to adapt in appearance.

In this season we Cavemen wield the timelessness of a tailored garment mixed with street trends like a regal set of armor. Preferably french; our sturdy blue workwear vests combined with a rainproof trench coat keep both Autumn’s and Winter’s treacherous touch at a distance. Our selvedge denim trousers are no longer slim-fit but now have a wider cut showing about our working prowess. And yes, our beards; rugged, shaggy and as strong as the bristles of a steel brush, complement and refine our attire.

Yet, spring is coming, and our wandering footsteps confidently sway across our plains. The preparation for another season is complete and the frostbite is kept at bay. Although unmoved in our hulking steps, we Cavemen wander cautiously. For father Winter still lurks beside our path, like a death sentence unperformed.


18. 10. 2013



Flybird proudly presents Kuro Ni Kuro Fall/winter 2013 Collection.

Kuro Ni Kuro translates into black on black in Japanese where Flybird found its inspiration. Japan has always been a country that celebrated culture, creativity and craftsmanship to their fullest extent. In the last decade we’ve seen how traditional Japanese black on black garments have exploded onto the mainstream under the reigns of designers, stylists, hipsters and celebrities.

Inspired by these influences Flybird crafted the black on black series of bags with a mixture of raw canvas and smooth black leather. The collection consists of familiar designs of Flybird including the City Traveler, Duffle Bag and the Kuro Ni Kuro Backpack finished with Crocodile print leather. Perfect for urban commuters on the go. Our new collection will be available in November at selected retailers and through our webshop.


6. 8. 2013




This Autumn/Winter VICO continues with its journey into Scandinavia. Inspired by Scandinavian functionalism, cleanliness, sophisticated design and their beautiful natural environment. VICO travelled to the South of Sweden and passed by Mölle in Sweden wheere they found a beautiful environment. Those places where independent minds go to feel the freedom of nature, surrounded by water and rocks and call it their ‘weekend escape’.

Shot&Cut by Joost Konings (jkonings.com)
Directed by Noël Deelen (venour.com)


31. 5. 2013


British Gentleman and Blogger Karlmon aka Mr. Boy recently collaborated with photographer Sam Travis to shoot this series of great photos . You can see more of their series on his Blog http://mrboystyle.tumblr.com/post/51573037890/collaboration-outfit-feature-mr-boy-x-sam-travis


6. 2. 2013


Smith and Wesson

“The bag is the weapon, the mini-bag the bullet. One is not complete without the other..”

In 1852 partners Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson formed a company to produce a lever-action pistol nicknamed the Volcanic Pistol. The pistol was named Volcanic due to the high continuous shots that could be fired from ongoing trigger pulls. The innovative design of the exclusive weapon led to a massive run on the pistol and even resulted into a gold medal at the Baltimore Weapon Exposition.

Flybird designer Franky Boateng was inspired by Smith & Wesson for a line that has been a success from the first edition in 2011 till the 2013 Ambassadors of Life piece. Franky was truly intrigued how Smith & Wesson designed a weapon that was a divine masterpiece. Not only for the design but the innovative function of the weapon.

Flybird’s Smith & Wesson is not designed for a weapon, but is built from the same principals as used by the Smith & Wesson partners. Careful thought and precision went into the fabrication process of this handmade Flybird piece. All the details on the bag have a unique function to it. Together with the mini-bag, the Flybird Smith & Wesson is similar to a loaded gun. Sharp shot to kill…

The new collection will hold a variety of color combinations which can be purchased via www.flybird.nl.  


2. 1. 2013


As seasons shift year-round, men’s style changes and newer styles develop. Introducing their new looks for 2013; Amsterdam’s OntFront Store created a photographic series in which a generation of men pushes the revival of classic styles and represent the OntFront creed: “Tailored and Streetwise”. As Dutch actor Sergio Hasselbaink and Mike Verhagen pay their respect to Amsterdam’s long cultural history; they radiate “dapperness” in OntFront’s newly designed attire.

The series mainly contains of the newest garments within OntFront’s clothing line. Fabrics of the current collection are classic tweed, wool, jersey, velour, cotton and leather. All garments are crafted with care and created in limited numbers of 150 pieces per style. Details in the overall looks are completed by adding other brands that are available at the OntFront store:  Bailey, Pasotti Ombrelli, Knits & Knotts, Brixton, Retrosuperfuture, Amsterdam shoe co, L’ecole National, NUNC & Flybird. By creating this series, the collective behind the OntFront clothing line proudly display their vision in modern-day menswear.

Text by Safi Graauw (Cavemen)
Pictures by Dim Balsem, taken in the Haarlemmerbuurt, Amsterdam.

2. 8. 2012


During the last Amsterdam Fashion Week, Marije de Haan showcased her new line inspired by late 19th century sailors.  Covered in tattoos the male models walked down the runway with distinct accessories by Flybird. Handcrafted bottle holders made from the finest leather. Read the backstage report on the fashion show to see how the Flybird exclusive bottle holders were merged into Marije de Haan her new collection.

11. 7. 2012


Today marks the start of a brand new fashion splurged week in Amsterdam.
Marije de Haan; a The Hague based menswear designer, is selected to present her third collection at the AIFW 2012. Her work comes from a fascination with the fringes of society, the unsavory, criminal. She has won the G-Star Raw Talent Award and was awarded with the Haagse Toptalent scholarship to start her own label.
In 2011 we discovered that MDH and Flybird shared the same uncommon creative style  fascination. Her request for an out of the box backpack leaded solely to Flybird design pieces that sparked her fashion senses.
The result of our third AIFW encounter will be showcased on saturday the 14th of july at the Salon during Marije de Haan her collection presentation. We are thrilled to announce that all the MDH models will be styled with Flybird bags and accessories. Visitors of the fashion show will be able to feast their eyes on exclusive Flybird pieces of our new collection.
Visit http://aifw.nl/ for the entire Amsterdam Fashion Week 2012 schedule