About Flybird

"Caring for the things you carry"

What is Flybird?

Flybird is a premium bag brand from Amsterdam. The intimate bond between maker and craft is what makes the product complete. Superb craftsmanship demands a lifelong devotion to perfecting one’s skills and an unwavering commitment to excellence. No one knows this better then founder and head designer Franky Boateng. He created the brand out of love and as a way to improve himself and share his craft with the world. Finding his true calling as a leather artisan through a rare twist of fate, Franky began tailoring handmade bags and accessories for his friends and family. Transforming his passion into a profession, he established his self-made brand Flybird in 2009. From their Amsterdam atelier, Franky and his team design and construct original leather pieces, culminating in a contemporary collection of fine quality backpacks, travel goods and accessories.

Flybird prides itself on not only the craft but also creating pieces that accompany you throughout your life and that become an essential part of your daily routine. 

The Story

The story of Flybird's creation is one, which is forever connected to its creator Franky Boateng's life story. To know him is knowing what Flybird stands for. In his own words; "In my teenage years, I was young and naïve, which got me into prison. The Western movies I used to watch as a kid made a big impact on me. I was totally captured by the adventures, freedom and weapons of cowboys. This developed into a huge fascination for weapons, so I started collecting old vintage pieces. Back then didn’t realize that it was illegal. I got arrested and was sentenced to 6 months in prison. Because of the teachings of my mother, I knew that I could turn any situation into a learning experience, which could benefit me in the future and so I started to look for something useful to keep me busy while in prison. One day, I saw two leather sewing machines in the working department that caught my interest. I asked the guards about it and soon they allowed me to work on the leather sewing machines. They taught me how to make leather phone covers. I already obtained some experience due to my fashion education, but it was in prison where I learned to work with leather and where my passion for leather started. As soon as I discovered my love for leather crafting, it inspired me in a great way. When I got out of prison, I made plans to develop my skills and to follow this passion I had discovered. Once I knew what I wanted to do, I was unstoppable and made plans to build Flybird." 

The story of the brand its logo is as unique as the creation of the brand itself. Franky explains "A person judges quickly before even knowing how, what and where. I've chosen a dog, because it's one of the most reliable animals on earth. A dog can be trusted easily and has a lot of strength and love to give. When you look at the logo, you will see that the dog has been given wings. The reason for this is because wings are symbolic for freedom. This dog is an independent, free individual and that's what Flybird stands for."

Flybird Essentials

We love to surround ourselves with creative people from all fields to get inspired. Every piece we make is a reflection of our surroundings, the people we meet and the experiences we make. We make one-of-a-kind pieces of luggage because we see our products as stories. Like one of my favourite quotes for example: ‘Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.’ No stitch is the same just like no person is the same. Leather is an organic material that lived, breathed and experienced a unique world and that’s why we think that every piece we give to someone is a special gift." This is the reason why every product is an essential.